Dust on crust

Heading out this morning I wasn’t sure exactly what type of snow I was going to be skiing. The warm temperatures had brought the rain line up to 6000 feet yesterday, so it was possible that the skiing above that level would be decent. I chose to go up grizzly shoulder so that if the weather cleared I would be able to get up to 9000 feet on little sifton and get some great snow up high. But the snow never stopped.

Luckily there was 20 cm of light fluffy snow on top of the rain crust. The skiing from 7300 feet and down was fast and aggressive. The loose dust on top would slough its way down anything steep so all day I had to pay attention to my sloughs and watch them over my shoulder. Skiing the steep trees was great, although the crust underneath never disappeared. I set up a fast top to bottom lap of around 2300 feet and repeated it four times plus a little bit to get 11 000 feet of fun skiing in. Day 55 done…still lots to go…

  1. mike casagrande March 9, 2007 at 6:23 am

    Greg: Back in Pemberton and I came across your site today while looking for a Dynafit part. Ironically enough, it was my kid Zack, who was playing with your daughter at The Modern the other morning. Great site, good luck with the goal. Nice to have met you and your family.

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