Dec 7th

Today is a very significant day for myself and a few friends. 8 years ago today a large avalanche swept five of our friends down a mountain side in Roger’s Pass. A few of us were thousands of feet below them digging snow pits when someone yelled "avalanche" and we ran to the safety of the trees.

We were lucky but those who triggered it were not. Shane Block died in the incident, Frank was severely broken and the other three were also injured. It was a day where the harsh realities of mountain travel were made painfully obvious to all of us. That day I realized how amazing the backcountry is but how devastating it can be when  things go wrong.

 I vowed to learn as much as possible and to pay constant attention. Professor Dumbledoor told Harry to "practice constant vigilance" and this is what we must all do. Pay attention and listen.

 Every year we return to the slope and remind ourselves. 

Play Safe 

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