Daydreams come true

Today was all about realizing daydreams. Both of these lines have been on the list for awhile. Ursus minor NE has been on for about 4 years, and Sifton N face was spotted 10 years ago and wondered about then.

Today we decided to try a link up that we have never done and would put two new notches on our ski poles. Aaron, Conor and I cruised up Ursus minor in 3.5 hours and we were skiing down the NE face before noon. The snow was facetted and sloughy, pouring down the slopes behind you. No slab and great turns down this face.

So great to finally ski this line, and then we are off and up towards Sifton mt. Which I seem to be climbing  more and more now, the wrap around to the north and the final scramble up the ridge is always worth it.

Now this N face has allure but also drops us into the unknown, and we were worried about our escape. The escape seemed do-able, a 500 ft bootpack up a steep slope but seemingly manageable. So at 3 pm we dropped down the north face and had wicked turns down the ridge and into the north bowl. Such a cool line and so removed from the rest of Roger’s Pass.

Its quite possible that both of these lines have never been skied, we know for certain that none of us has skied them before and we were psyched. Pretty exhausting day, but well worth it.

  1. Stan February 8, 2010 at 6:59 am

    Greg, amazing trips past couple of days. You are knocking those big days quite easily it seems but there is no doubt in my mind it is not easy by any means.

    Anyways, you are always a great inspiration that one should always try to push his limits whether it is skiing big lines, logging huge verts or just trying to get better at whatever he chooses to do.

  2. greg February 8, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks Stano,

    Things have been great lately, no complaints when I am climbing and skiing off new summits. Its all about desire, if you want something enough, and have the drive to achieve it, absolutely anything is possible.

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