Coursier Creek

Although its only an 8 minute drive from my house I have rarely, if ever seen any tracks in this drainage. It starts off low, 2400feet but allows access to a some serious ski touring.
I set a skin track in up the north ridge, gaining vertical quickly. I seemed to be following rabbit and marten tracks everywhere I went, and then some wolverine tracks in the higher alpine terrain. DSC_1682.jpg

Once on the ridge the touring is a little frustrating because of the undulating nature of this ridge. But perseverance paid off and I was finally on the top of the Super S chute. I wish I had a picture of it to do it justice, but this chute is 3800 feet of non stop skiing that snakes its way down the mountain side. I have never skied it and I was blown away by how consistent and continuous the run was. I always try to ski top to bottoms and I had a some serious leg burn that almost made me stop.DSC_1691.JPG

I then toured up the north side to find the Eva lake cabin. Small and hidden this cabin does not see many winter visitors. I hadn’t been here in years and the last time I had carved a little I love you to Tracey. It’s still there!?

I then continued touring and gained a little peak to finish off the day with a great run down to valley bottom.DSC_1672.jpg

Yesterday was the celebrations of Greg Todds D day and today was also the celebration of Aidan Olloman’s avalanche day. Aidan was killed in a freakish avalanche that caught her while she was taking weather at a remote ski lodge. A great girl was taken away last year. I wonder how many more friends will be swept away in the mountains. The mountains provide us with so much to enrich our lives but will also take it away really quickly.
It was my first ten thousand foot day where I broke trail the whole way. It was tiring but I persevered and was skiing home by 2:30. day 26

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