CMH Heli assisted ski touring

Well its as plush as you could imagine. Wake up enjoy a great breakfast, a few espressos and grab your ready made lunch. Heli picks you up at 9 am and drops you in some remote area nowhere near yesterdays adventures. Tour up through forests and alpine bowls, enjoy great April powder, get picked up by a heli and dropped back at the lodge. Snack, hot tube, great meal, sleep in comfort and repeat.  It was an amazing way to get into ski touring, not something a dedicated ski tourer like me would do often but damn was it good. On our last day we got really close to Sir Sandford, the highest mountain in our range, 11555 ft.


And now I am bakc at home and enjoying some good turns while balancing family time. The wife and kids take off for three weeks soon, so I am skiing early and playing with kids most of the day. Except today..

We headed up Video peak, skied the north line, which was decent considering the high temperatures we are experiencing. We then toured up and summitted Ursus Major and skied  the north line off of it. Again creamy and buttery but not deep. and then up and down the corn up south facing Bruins bowl and home. Ahh it felt so nice to stand on a summit or two.

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