Cariboo Ridge

The cough worsened, so I took a few days off. I am getting a little worried about my goal, I had plans to have 10 days done by the end of November and now I only have 3. I still have a long season ahead I just had hopes of a strong start.

Anyhow today we ventured north up above the Revelstoke Dam, We had plans to go deep into the Selkirks via logging roads. But since John and Mike were an hour late we had to go to plan C.

Plan Cariboo Ridge. Very early to be touring from 2500 ft but somehow it wasn’t as much of a bushwack as I had anticipated. A huge fire brunt through here 50 years ago leaving 3500 foot runs of open uninterrupted powder. I rarely ski here and whenever I do I tell myself I should visit here more often. decent turns were had by all.



Not much else to say really. 5500 ft of touring with a 1000 ft of not great skiing.


these photos sure are small…… oops

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