Calories for ten thousand feet

Often people have asked me what I typically have in my lunches when I tour ten thousand foot days. Well it varies greatly but  I looked at my lunch today and thought I would count it up. I had a banana, an apple, an orange, a tangerine, an avocado, 2 snickers bars, 2 muffin bars, 2 ham/cheese sandwiches, and a peanut butter/butter/honey sandwich. Which adds up to approx 2800 calories.  That’s my lunch.

But today, since I was skiing off Termas de Chillan, at around 9000 ft climbed I decided to have

a Hot Dog completo, plus papas frites, + coke which added at least a 1000 calories.

So 3800 calories in for a ten thousand foot day. Seems appropriate, since I was not hungry at all afterwards. Well for an hour at least and then I came home to a fantastic Chicken curry on rice with Naan bread that Tracey has made for us.

Getting close to a million, much closer everyday…

  1. joiedevivre July 8, 2010 at 2:28 am

    You Can!You Will!!!!!! back country god.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    closer to the goal. closer to the Goal!!!!!

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