Bonney Glacier

After our day up Connaught we decided to go somewhere that the wind may not have wrecked. So we headed up Loop brook and skied the morraine runs. The skiing was epic, so different from the previous day. Tommy,a photographer from was up taking photos and I hoped we would get some in the Bonney.  It is such a magnificent place, we could get him some decent shots there.

We had some perfect powder, hero skiing, and occasionally we had some sun to accompany this great skiing. Needing my extra vert I pushed through a whiteout and we had one of the best runs of the year. Knowing it was so good we headed up again on Thursday and went deeper into the glacier for some great turns, a little whiteout and flat at times but really great. And then we headed up the climbers left glacier towards Mt-Clarke

This was a really exciting glacial up, with big junks of blue glacier all around us. Super fun and then a fun down, some where I had never been. Yet somewhere I will surely return.

All’s well otherwise, just sitting up in the comforts of CMH and enjoying some Heli assisted ski touring. More on that to come.

  1. Jasper April 6, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Greg, Looks like your having fun as usual. Im writing from Santa Fe New Mexico where an epic winter is closing up, but we are still on the look out for some big spring storms. Just wanted to say that your ski trips and documentation are very inspiring. It just makes me want to rack up some big vert and ski some glaciers, which is a little tricky down here. I was also wondering if you are at the Bobbie Burns lodge now. If so you should say hi to my Grandma, Inga, for me. She is there for a nostalgia week or something like that. She wont be skiing due to a handicap, but she will be dreaming of it and the days of ski touring Canada in the 1950’s. I wanted to make it to BC this year but didn’t pull it off. None the less maybe my Grandma could bring some stories and vibes back home to me, and hopefully I can make it up there in person next winter. Have fun, be safe, and ski fast! Also best wishes for St. Elias, cause that’s where its at, big big big.

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