Blowing like mad

I had no intentions of taking 5 days off, but when sickness knocks its usually worth listening to. But after five days of no progress I had to head out, even though I was not at 100% I could no longer take it. So Dick and I headed up to a zone I had not been to, just off the ski hill. Trail breaking through 60 cm of heavy snow was fun, something out of the ordinary. As we neared the top the winds decided to pick up, and within moments it was blowing 50km and hour, hoping we could hide in the trees we did a lap down, and found that their was no where to go. The wind was ripping through the trees, some natural slides were starting to happen and it was time to exit stage left.

It was difficult to find stage left so we headed up and into the whiteout to traverse back onto the hill and ski down the closed run. It was the only handrail we could see, much less use to get down. Some fun turns though and so nice to be out. Now I am sitting here and its pouring rain and blowing like mad. Tomorrow should be interesting.

  1. soulskier August 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Those winds are chump change. Wait until you get to Las LeƱas, you will likely experience wind like never before.

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