Blind Date

I have only been on one real blind date in my life and it was a disaster. It was in Australia and with a teachers daughter who, for whatever reason, needed a date. So I went and ended up with BO and wanting no part of my date. So I have been a little against blind dates.

But today’s date was not necessarily blind, we had exchanged emails and probed into each others lives through Facebook. So I kinda knew what my date was all about.

But not really. Paul has been riding for awhile but has just converted over to the dynafit splitboard set up, and he is psyched to get after it. So with no real understanding of his comfort levels, physical fitness or snowboarding abilities, we headed up and into the white out. End destination Ursus Minor.

Paul followed us up and around through the whiteout with no real idea where we were taking him. Just an undeserved faith that we would bring him home. He did well. He toured fairly quickly, did not falter at some of the exposure through the small rock steps, and was excited on the summit. He then followed us down the ridge and into the south chute. Which had some pretty decent skiing in it.

I think it will be fun for Paul to return soon and see the terrain he traveled through, since we really saw none of this today. I hope he enjoyed our first “date”.

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