Begbie Zone

Begbie.jpgI had a nice leisurely morning hanging out with Charley and then off she went to mother goose and off I went to Mt-Begbie.At 10.30 I was finally off and touring up the summer trail. This trail is direct and to the point, up and up I toured till I crested onto the glacier. The conditions were feeling really good but I felt I shouldn’t solo to the notch on Begbie, its a steep and committing line with no safe option.

DSC_2052.JPG So instead of traveling higher I skied a few mellow alpine into tree line runs that were fast and smooth.Cruising around I began to feel that I was the only person in the area and then low and behold I spotted a group getting near the top of a small bump. I toured over and shared some food with them and then ripped down a 1000 feet so I could use their skin track back up.

Really nice day, the sun was in and out all day, and all the mountains were looking fantastic. I am looking forward to tomorrow since a small group of adventurers are getting together something interesting will happen.


 I broke trail a little bit too much today with 8000 feet of trail breaking. A little ridiculous but whatever….. 10100 feet

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