Begbie Tilley combo

Mt-Begbie is Revelstokes signature mountain, well for some, for others it is the Revelstoke Mountain resort. Anyhow behind begbie sits a sharks fin of a peak that slices the sky line, Mt- Tilley. I have summitted Tilley but it was many years ago and a huge effort.

Jeff suggested we try and summit both peaks in a day, which would also be a huge effort and a great link up. We headed up Mt-Begbie, leaving the trailhead at 7 and summitting by 12.

The climb up Begbie is always super fun, and I love heading up into this little chimney that pokes you out onto the summit ridge. Here’s Jeff pulling out of the chimney.We skied down the south ridge  and onto the NW Glacier. As always a great descent; it has not snowed in a week but the snow is still nice and shreddable. From there we skied down into Wap creek, we helped out some sledders who needed a knife to cut their belt off and replace it. Then we started heading up the south face of Tilley, I was apprehensive that this approach would work. Yet it worked out perfectly, a great ridge had us touring almost to the summit, with a little rock move to summit this 8691 foot mountain.

This is not a great photo of the mountain, it was taken in late may a few years ago. But it is the north side that hosts a few great lines, lines that will wait till another day since we skied back down the south and headed around Begbie and back to the truck

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