Today was all about balance. Wind had played havoc with the snow, creating large drifts, random windslab and some great snow to ski. So I had to be balanced on my skis to not get caught too far forward. I realized this as I was tumbling head over skis into the deep cold snow. But all in all the skiing was great once I figured out how to find the cold deep powder stashes hidden along the tree edges.

No pictures today because I had a solo day up on the fingers. I had to balance my obsessive desire to get my goal accomplished with some daughter time. I questioned taking my daughter Charley out ski touring today but when I saw the -6’c temperatures I decided against it. Instead I hung out with her in the morning, and headed out at noon.char.bmp

I hadn’t accomplished a ten thousand foot day in under 5 hours this season. But today was the day; I headed out with temerity and didn’t let up. The skin track was already in so all I had to do was blast upwards. One 15 minute break in the middle made me think I might not make it but at 4hr 52 min I was back at my car.
The fourteenth 10 000 foot day came easy.

  1. steve romeo December 17, 2006 at 5:40 am

    You’re an animal Greg!

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