Avalanche!!!!! Mountain

Since my last post the avalanche hazard went through the roof and we were playing conservative for awhile. Some touring off the hill, some early morning and late night vertical missions up the hill, and then yesterday a tour up the Bonney with Mom, Don and Tracey.

I have been wanting to bring Tracey up here for a few years, its a longer hike but such a mountainous place. Glaciers, cornices, seracs, huge vertical walls, beautiful.

Today Joey, Mark and I headed up Avalanche mt, another peak I have never summitted. I have been within 300ft of the summit and always turned around in the steepest part of the chute. Today we climbed both summits, and skied the Se run which was awesome.

We then skinned/boot packed our way up the south ridge and summitted again.

A great day out with two splitboarding buddies. With a great finish down the NW chute. Some great alpen glow made for a perfect finish.

All for now, tired and excited about tomorrow I need to make my lunch and go to bed.

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