Avalanche crest

Rogers Pass Rewards Clear day ahead so we toured up avalanche crest again, much better views and options everywhere. Winds from the north had played some havoc but this was why we were here. Protected and south west facing we had many options to play with. The 1000 foot alpine face looked a little too direct and exposed so we opted on skiing a few awesome alpine runs. Here’s Scott laying down a sweet turn


but I truly enjoyed Dave’s style of skiing?@?


  Most people worry about me while I am skiing in the mountains. They figure my greatest danger is avalanches. I wonder… On the way home I was in the process of passing a semi-trailer when over the hill came not one but two semi’s bearing down on me. I kept my line and squeezed as close to my side as possible, my little pathfinder found the one path through the three 18 wheelers. I was three feet away from certain death. Moments like this make me wonder.. the odds seem higher to die on the highway. Not to say I will ever let my guard down.

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