One very large part of my goal is simply athelticism, get out and get some vertical. Today was simply about getting my vertical done and getting home to work on home improvements, and spend a little bit of family time.

So I went directly to the Macpherson Fingers and broke trail from 2200 feet to 4800 feet. At that point I was breaking trail through 30-40 cm of snow, deep and tiring all I wanted was some vertical. So I began lapping from 3750-4800, decent snow but not as exceptional as what was high above me.

Regardless I put my head down and pushed myself upwards and lapped it 8 times. I am trying to work on several techniques to make touring easier. I spent most of the day focused on taking smaller steps, generally I like to stretch my legs out and take huge steps. This technique is great in the short term but requires more power and eventually tires me out more quickly. So smaller steps and quicker breaths. While working on that I also continually focused on relaxing myself. Tense bodies tire quickly, so I relaxed and let my legs go. Keeping up with my mantra of ” Breathe and believe.”

Every day that I tour 10 000 feet, I am aiming to log them on my watch. Its great to have a log book of all my days but also in the case that anyone doubts me then I can show them each and every day graphed on my computer.DSC_0985.JPG5 hours 12min, 10070 feet
88 to go.

  1. Jeff "Dynafit Lover" Huber December 14, 2006 at 11:27 pm

    You’re awesome Greg. Keep it up!!

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