Being a cheapskate I always try and do things around the house that I feel I can do. Be it carpentry, plumbing, snowblowing whatever.

DSC_5110.jpg  I awoke to a very stiff neck this morning and I am thinking that maybe I am not an arborist. Over the last few days I led a climb up my birch tree and set an anchor up there. and yesterday I climbed back up with a chainsaw and proceeded to cut the top off the tree. It was a bit of a precarious cut with a specific landing spot for the tree. If it went too close to the house it could bust the deck I built last summer. So we tied a rope to the top and I pulled up the chainsaw. Sitting back on the anchor I lifted the saw above my head and cut the backcut. It wasn’t very clean but with Dave pulling hard on the tree I knew I could just cut the tree without it falling my way and pulling me off.  So I hefted the saw up again and cut through. It cracked and fell and I sat up there swinging in the breeze. Pretty fun macho stuff but  my neck sure is stiff this morning.


It’s spring time and there is still great skiing out there but I have a few chores around the house to accomplish before work really begins. I am working on my latest movie and will be done in a few days and then I will work on the Hasler film which has some epic footage.

Then in later April I have a mini traverse planned and that will be it for the season.  


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