another sweet day

Today I headed out off cerro cathedral, to go and visit the infamous Frey hut. Everyone always talks about this refugio so i had to take  a look. Its a  nice refugio with a cook if you want 17$ if you want a bed and to cook for yourself, or 35$ for a bed and dinner,and maybe even breakfast.

Cool zone, small runs but super beautiful with all the granite towers around. I met up with some friends on a ridge, and then continued on my way. I could not resist skiing one SE chute that had some great snow in it.

So nice to have a lunch with me today, a huge energy filled lunch.. It was time to head back so I looped back towards the ski hill and climbed a summit Torre Piramidal, or maybe; I will have to check a more detailed map. But here is me looking as cool as I could on the summit.

Another couple of decent south facing runs and I headed home. 10760ft later…

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