And we have landed in Las Trancas

Well a 4 hour flight to Toronto, a day with Traceys family, then a red eye flight to Santiago Chile, a night there, a 5 hour bus ride and then an hour in a taxi. Voila we have landed in Las Trancas. A foot of wet snow lies on the ground and our cabin is warm and cozy. The kids are in bed and we have cracked a bottle of red wine.

Tomorrow is fathers day, so we will enjoy ourselves, making snowmen and playing in the snow and getting acquainted with the area. 

If I can organize our car we will go skiing the next day and I will begin to explore the area.

All for now.


A photo of our cozy cabin.
and the mountains in the background

  1. Philippe Gautier June 21, 2010 at 1:26 am

    What a beautiful playground you landed in. Have a great ski, you landed in the right place.
    It has a beautiful vibe and what a great place to be completing your objective. The crew will treat you right!. Good luck Leave a ski in the Snowpub !

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