And the faithful are rewarded!

For weeks now Dave and I have been struggling against whatever mother nature threw at us. Wind, rain, sleet, no visibility, terrible skiing, all sorts of challenges. Occasional good turns but a lot of suffering. Well today all that dedication has payed off.

Leaving the house I felt the rain hitting my hat, and saw the clouds obscuring the sky, I turned to Tracey and said “Probable just do the minimum and see you in a few hours” but then when Dave and I drove into the parking lot we were given a view of the Volcano, not all of it but the lower slopes. It seemed promising. But soon enough we were back in the clouds and believing that we were going to be skiing the same line as yesterday.

Eventually we broke above the clouds and could not believe what we were seeing. Untouched snow lying everywhere, not windblasted not wrecked but beautiful stellar snowflakes. Up and up till we were way above the clouds.

A few days ago I mentioned to Dave that I had imagined staying in Pucon and being able to tour the Volcano shred some pow for 5000 ft and then repeat for a wicked 10 000 foot day. Laughing at the time at my naive optimism I did not believe that today would come. We summitted by 1 pm and then shredded a 4500 foot run and toured back up to the top well almost since the fumarole was huge and moving around quickly. Not something you want to get caught in, its not toxic but it does burn the eyes and the lungs. Anyways 9500 ft of climbing and 8500 feet of powder skiing. Yeehaw.

Thanks to Troy Marino for his donation. It all helps my cause, his probable filled the gas tank for this weeks adventures.

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