Ahhhhh Argentina

So many reasons to be happy.

In late June I was looking through Facebook and noticed a photo someone I knew had commented on. The photo was of Bariloche. Not knowing the person who took the photo, I nonetheless emailed him, Jaime, and asked him if he knew of any decent rentals in Bariloche. Up till then I had only found expensive places and none that were within my ballpark.  Funnily enough Jaime was in charge of and he offered us for a great price. Similar to what we have paid for much smaller cabanas. This house is 3 times the size, and 4 times the luxury with a killer view.   And with in floor heating. Tracey is in heaven.

Today I headed up to an area called Lopez trees, a bit of a bootpack up a trail and then some huge trees with large woodpeckers everywhere. As I toured up I realized that I finally had a stormy weather zone to play in. I also realized that I HAD FORGOTTEN MY LUNCH. Not good, tough to pull of large days without energy. I managed to bum some cookies of one guy but that was it.

Anyways I was psyched, there was powder and I was exploring. Soon enough I was on Filo de las Cabras. I shredded a south facing chute and had some sweet powder. I then headed up Pico Magnat 1869m, and had an awesome view of Monte Tronador, and in the distance Lanin. Pretty cool to be able to see Lanin from this far away.

I then skied back down and set a skin track/bootpack back up Filo de las Cabras, by now I was at 7000ft climbed and I stared shredding the 770 foot south facing chutes. So fun, so fast, so powdery. Having no energy from food, I still had energy from the powder buzz. 4 laps had me up to 10000 ft and I headed home.

So psyched. The mountains are small down here, but aesthetic and powder filled. So I may do lots of small laps but they will be great. These five runs were all different and all fun. Sorry typically red is up and green is down, which it is in the first photo but not this one these are all down. I climbed back up the middle line. Sorry I would change it but the internet is slow and frustrating.

  1. korengles August 2, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Hey Greg,

    What the fee (in dollars) per person to enter Argentina?

    Thanks Doug

  2. Greg August 2, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    no fee if you drive/walk/bus but I believe if you fly there is a fee.During the hour it took to go through customs, there was a sheet in Spanish that outlined the costs and it was 150$ per adult 75 per kid, but I could not read about when you are required to pay and when you are not. I was worried that I was going to have to pay for all of us but it was free.

  3. Jesse Hill August 3, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    10,000 with some cookies, g that’s unreal! have you tried putting those washboard abs to good use lately? save on some hydro bills probably….
    Stoked you have good snow and weather finally! love jess

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