Ahhh two days of rest

I promised myself that when I got to 1.2 million I would take two days off. My body is looking forward to two days of relaxation.

The last few days have been simply about getting to the mark, theĀ  snow has gone for to the worst and what good skiing there is has been up in the clouds. I have met two local ski tourers a few times now and they taught me a new spanish word Nublado, or cloudy. Here I am with Pablo and Chino.

My hair sure is looking long, and mulletish. Anyhow, not great skiing, with limited visibility but I stayed focused and am now over 60% done. Yahhhh, getting somewhere……still a tonne to go…. better stay focused… injuries…..more 10 000 footers…..keep after it…. and enjoy these two days off.

50cms forecasted for next monday and tuesday, which should revitalize my drive. Polvo..

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