Ahh September

September has come and gone  quickly. In looking back I realize what  a month it has been. It started out with an early morning run in Bariloche, then a wicked week in Las Lenas, 3 days on a beach in Chile, a few days in Valle Nevado, a week in Las Trancas, 5 days in Antuco with our fun descent off Velluda, and now a week in Lonquimay has just finished.

The best part is that I managed to ski 24 days out of 30, averaging 7,791 feet per day for a monthly total of  187 000 feet. Which is fantastic, my second biggest month, March being 189 000 but with an extra day in it.  So all is well that finishes well and I am doing my best to keep after it.

If I was on par I would be at 1 495 840, instead I am 33760 feet behind. But slowly catching up.

  1. soulskier October 3, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Keep hammering amigo!

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