yes, yes, yes and yes

Yes to summitting my first Volcanoe Chillan Nuevo.

Yes to summitting my second Volcanoe Viejo.

Yes to finally climbing over 900 000 ft

and Yes to realizing a dream of ski touring to a hot spring and relaxing in the hot water and then touring back up and skiing some more.

Great day out, and some fun skiing, not epic yet but who cares when you are sitting in a hot spring after 8600 ft of touring.

Finally getting back after it.

I live my life pretty capriciously, letting strange suggestions lead me wherever they do. Such is the case with Las Trancas, a friend mentioned it in passing as he listed off all sorts of areas. I was interested solely because he mentioned that Craig Kelly had been here, and returned a few years in a row. In terms of SA all we generally hear about is Portillo, las Lenas and Bariloche, but these places are touristy and busy. Which is typically not my style. Although I will visit and probable enjoy.

Craig Kelly had been a claim to fame of mine as we had double dated many years back. At the end of this double date, while I drove my Volkswagon through Vancouver, unbeknownst to us, he and his girlfriend thoroughly “enjoyed” themselves on the bed in the back. This was a surprise to me when I found out years later and a bit of a funny story about this huge celebrity/ hero of the backcountry. Sadly enough, as we all know, he died in the mountains.

Anyhow, if he had been here and returned than it must be Good. And so far I am impressed with its ability to precipitate here. It rained so hard for 20 hours the other day and had it been 6 degrees colder it would have amounted to a huge snowfall. And today I headed up and experienced some serious wind. 60-80km an hour. Super windy and then raining like mad at lower elevations. Finally it turned to snow and was falling at 5cm an hour. Dumping.

It was a burly day, the worst of the year so far. But I persevered and toured 7500ft, which felt great to actually gain on my goal and not loose more vertical. I should have a vehicle figured out by tomorrow which will make things much easier.


P.s. So far I cannot understand a word of Spanish, I can accomplish what I want but when people talk to me I have no idea what they are saying. Grunts and pointing seem easier.

And we have landed in Las Trancas

Well a 4 hour flight to Toronto, a day with Traceys family, then a red eye flight to Santiago Chile, a night there, a 5 hour bus ride and then an hour in a taxi. Voila we have landed in Las Trancas. A foot of wet snow lies on the ground and our cabin is warm and cozy. The kids are in bed and we have cracked a bottle of red wine.

Tomorrow is fathers day, so we will enjoy ourselves, making snowmen and playing in the snow and getting acquainted with the area. 

If I can organize our car we will go skiing the next day and I will begin to explore the area.

All for now.


A photo of our cozy cabin.
and the mountains in the background

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