10 000 feet and a couple of friends

My eye lids are getting heavy, and I am fading but I will try to recap today’s adventures.
It all began at 5.45 when Dave picked me up, a 6 cup espresso in my hands and we were off.
We toured up quickly to the top of Grizzly Shoulder, by 8 am we were in position, 3100 feet of great skiing below us. I then followed Dave down as his wing man, just off his left shoulder, yipping and hollering behind him. We careened down the slope, hitting little jumps and just shredding the deep selkirk snow.

Dave then took off to Edmonton and I joined Aaron and Brian. We followed the skin track up Grizzly and skied a steep and deep shot down to the bottom of Teddy bear. Then we broke 2000 feet of skin track up to the top of teddy bear ridge and then tore down through steep open spruce trees. A non stop top to bottom run of excellent untracked powder. brian.jpg

We then followed this with a tour up to the top of 8812 bowl, but being the weekend four people had beat us to the top, we watched as they enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

By now Aaron and Brian were up to 8300 feet toured and I had hopes of getting them to tour ten with me. So we shredded 3500 feet of alpine skiing, slightly wind touched but still out of this world powder.88812.jpg

We toured back up 1700 feet, by this time it was getting late and slightly dark. But the powder was so consistent and perfect that it did not bother us at all. Possibly the best run of the day, pillows and open glades led us to the valley floor.chance.jpg

The idea behind a ten thousand foot day is to maximise you day, and get as much great skiing as possible. Today was a perfect 10 000 foot day. Brian and Aaron could not have picked a better day to get out and ski some amazing powder. A lot of incredible powder.

Fantastic day for myself, 13 000 feet and too much good skiing. My battery died today and I was not able to log any of it but who cares? It was perfect backcountry session.

Rogers Pass

I am very fortunate that I have an undestanding partner who lets me out two days after the birth of our second child. Tracey understand my needs and somehow accomodates them. Thanks Trace!

I headed up to Rogers pass at around 6 am getting touring by 7. I headed up the “old” Grizzly shoulder and followed a skin track unlike any I have seen before. I followed it because I love to see where people will go. This one wound up the front side of Grizzly shoulder eeking its way through pillow lines and avi paths till it finally ended it the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed it because it mades its way through terrain i usually rip through without looking around. And by skinning up through it I could slow down and observe all the nuances of the terrain. Actually discovered a patch of burnt trees that must have burnt this summer. And then skied through them an hour later.Don.jpg

I skied two runs and then met my mom, step dad and sister Jesse at around 10 am. We then drove over and toured up NRC for some great top to bottom runs. Had some great turns with the family and then skied a couple of extra laps to turn it over 10 000.jess.jpg

I am getting anxious to have skied 20 days, I am at 17 and it will feel great to have 1/5 of the goal accomplished.

A Son!

After many months of speculation and anticipation Tracey gave birth to a 10 lbs son. Healthy and happy we are blown away by our new arrival. I understand that most people who read this will mainly want ski photos and journals of a skier but my family is also a huge part of who I am.
Here he is, still nameless.Son.jpg
As my family grows I understand more and more the pride of parents. But lately I have been proud of my parents. A week ago I shredded the ski hill with my Dad, who rips. I wish I had brought my camera because we tore it up for 10 000 feet on the hill. I promise good shots of him on his next visit. And now my Mom is out for her yearly two weeks of ski touring, It’s so great to be able to ski with my parents.deane.jpg Go mom go!

I went out a few hours earlier than my parents so i could get some vertical before they joined me. I then skied a great run with my mom and step dad. Decent snow that is starting to get a bit old. It is still untracked awesome powder, just not fresh powder. But I am spoiled. Anyhow then they skied off and I stayed to do 3600 more feet. I decided to ski a line that I thought existed down beside some ominous cliffs. I found the entrance no problem but then found myself clinging to trees, side slipping down rocks, jumping from snow pillow to snow pillow. Finally I made it through the choke and I enjoyed some great turns down the rest of the line. Always exciting to ski into the unknown.

Skied my 16th 10000 foot day and am excited about tomorrow so I can get my 17th done.

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