1.9 mill

oh yahhhhh  did that ever feel great. For so much of this quest I have questioned whether I would make it or not. I have wondered to what point will I make it and then collapse or hurt myself. Now I am 95% of the way there and 2 weeks to go… 99 500 ft to go in 2 weeks, its very feasible. And if the skiing stays like it is it will be easy to go for that extra lap of wicked powder skiing. There is still so much that could go wrong but I am so close. A ten year old dream has almost happened, all this focus and commitment for the whole year and I have almost accomplished it. Wowsers.. I wonder what it will feel like to wake up on Jan 1st and have no goal to accomplish, just one to think back on. When we go to the hotsprings and I am sitting there relaxing with the family, reflecting on the past year of incredible challenge, it should feel great. Probable mixed in with a sense of “what’s next?” but content that for one whole year I challenged myself and drove myself to my personal best.

Yesterday, Conor, Chris Reubens and myself headed up Ursus Minor summit for a wild ski off the NW. While we were climbing up the ridge I had the best vantage point of Video Peak. Hearing a holler I looked over and watched as my friend Jeff shredded the untracked peak, it looked amazing from our angle and was so fun to witness. It is so good right now, 30-50 cms of light powder lying on all aspects.  Jeff had some serious powder contrails flowing off behind him as he enjoyed Roger’s pass at its best.

Its so exciting that almost every foot from now to the end could be amazing powder skiing. When we skied off Ursus minor the turns were awesome, and then we ended up down in the dark, cold and deeply frozen I didn’t waste much time before I had skinned up and was on my way up 8812. Awhile later we toured up through the glacier and onto the summit. 

Chris’s 3 new summit in 2 days, and all great powder skiing. Some alpen glow turns off 8812 down the north and then up to Bruins pass. A great finish down to the trail and home….

  1. soulskier December 20, 2010 at 5:29 am

    The light is at the end of the tunnel. Your almost there amigo!

  2. hoarhey December 22, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    checking back in after a long absence, since Sept.
    Stoked to see you closing in.
    All the best for the next days!

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